Tim the Mute Returns with 'Welcome to the Sad Cafe' LP

Tim the Mute Returns with 'Welcome to the Sad Cafe' LP
When he's not releasing records for half of Canada's bands with his Kingfisher Bluez imprint, Tim Clapp makes heartfelt, pop-punk tinged indie anthems as Tim the Mute. Following Do In Yourself, he's announced plans for a brand new record called Welcome to the Sad Cafe.

The album marks Clapp's fourth full-length overall. It features 10 brand new songs. They were recorded with James Frost and Ryley Epp of the band Dadweed.

Of the album, Clapp shared the following statement:

I wrote this record thinking about places that exist in between places. The all-night diner 'The Sad Cafe,' where the record takes place, hosts a series of songs about transition. It seemed like an interesting way to tell a lot of stories about one topic, and in my own freaky limbo, where the pie is always almost-cold and the coffee is always almost-hot! It was influenced by Nighthawks, Purgatorio, the Bardo, Interzone, and the restaurant at the end of the universe.

The album will be available on vinyl via Kingfisher Bluez and cassette via Lost Sound Tapes on August 30. Until then, you can peep its tracklisting and listen to its first song "Ain't It Funny" below.

Welcome to the Sad Cafe:

1. Welcome To The Sad Cafe
2. Is That What You Are
3. Ain't It Funny
4. Sitting In Your Section
5. We're Breaking Up
6. Scotland
7. A Way To Be
8. Back
9. There's Someone
10. In My Town