Tim the Mute "Mushy Peas" (video)

Tim the Mute 'Mushy Peas' (video)
A sort of Willy Wonka of whimsical records, Tim Clapp is constantly dropping treats via his Kingfisher Bluez imprint. These include releases from his quirky punk moniker Tim the Mute. The man clearly cares about British culture, too — after declaring his love for Doctor Who Cosplay, he's turned his attention to UK cuisine. Specifically, the green paste known as mushy peas.

"Mushy Peas" is the title track off a new six-song EP, which will be released later this month on "mushy pea" green vinyl. The 7-inch was recorded at Thor's Palace in Vancouver with Jo Passed of Sprïng.  

The song's arrival is accompanied by a new video. Hardly a mute, Clapp yelps his love of British food while munching on mushy peas and vinegar-drenched chips. Naturally, he washes it all down with some bright orange Irn Bru.

Enjoy the video for "Mushy Peas" below. The EP of the same name will arrive later this month, while Tim the Mute's debut album Why Live? will arrive on June 28.