Tim Hecker To Bring Us An Imaginary Country

Tim Hecker To Bring Us <i>An Imaginary Country</i>
Canada's much-loved ambient export Tim Hecker has fleshed out some more details on his highly anticipated album An Imaginary Country, his first proper Kranky full-length in more than two years.

The record is now reportedly due out March 9 and features the Montreal-based soundscaper damn near perfecting his craft, with him further expanding on his abstract masses of tones and drones. Or at least that's sure what it sounds like from the few tracks that have surfaced online.

As previously reported, the record follows Hecker's Fantasma Parastasie, his rather stunning collaboration with Aidan Baker that hit near the tail-end of 2008. That album easily found a spot among our Destination Out 2008 best-of picks, and we won't be surprised An Imaginary Country garners a whole lot of similar year-end props in 2009.

There's no word yet of any upcoming live dates from Hecker, but he has settled on a tracklist for An Imaginary Country. Here it is:

1. "100 Years Ago"
2. "Sea of Pulses"
3. "The Inner Shore"
4. "Pond Life"
5. "Borderlands"
6. "A Stop at the Chord Cascades"
7. "Utropics"
8. "Paragon Point"
9. "Her Black Horizon"
10. "Currents of Electrostasy"
11. "Where Shadows Make Shadows"
12. "200 Years Ago"

Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker "Phantom on a Pedestal"