Tim Hecker, Kode9 and Ben Frost Want You to Smell like "Drone," "Bass" and "Noise" via Avant-Perfume Project

Tim Hecker, Kode9 and Ben Frost Want You to Smell like 'Drone,' 'Bass' and 'Noise' via Avant-Perfume Project
Ready to send your senses on a synesthetic journey, the Unsound Festival has announced an upcoming installation in New York will pair up soundscapes from electronic artists Tim Hecker, Kode9 and Ben Frost with a series of tailored scents.

The festival's "Ephemera" project premieres March 31 at New York's Audio Visual Arts, with the musicians' respective sound pieces being complemented by conceptual perfumer Geza Schoen's scents. Hecker's piece is called "Drone," Kode9's is titled "Bass" and Frost contributes "Noise." Each pairing of perfume and sound piece will be delivered at various points through the day.

"Electronic music can be quite abstract, yet certain sounds can trigger crossovers to certain smells for me," Schoen said in a statement.

Unsound organizer Małgorzata Płysa, who has co-curated "Ephemera," added, "Scent and sound are both the most ephemeral of senses — without having a visible physical form, an image attached to them, they have the power to trigger emotions, uncover memories and move other senses. Having been working with various types of sound, often abrasive and physical, we have decided to try and blur the lines, adding sense of smell and discovering what the effects could be."

Adding to the multi-sensory experience will be visuals from Manuel Sepulveda (Optigram) and video artist Marcel Weber (MFO), who will apparently be offering up a videos and "silk-screened materials that reveal different elements as the light shifts."

If you can't make it out to New York, the installation moves to Unsound Krakow in October. A press release also explains that "wearable" versions of the trio of scents will be made available to the public at a later date.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.