Tim Easton


BY Rachel SandersPublished Jun 10, 2009

Tim Easton goes full-on for his fifth album, abandoning the gentler folk rock of 2006's Ammunition in favour of a dirty-sweet rock'n'roll energy. Formerly of '90s alt-country band the Haynes Boys, Easton's previous solo efforts have been graced by the likes of Lucinda Williams and the Jayhawks' Gary Louris. On his latest outing, the raw edge of his voice against his band's hip-shaking rhythms is a return to the grittier Midwestern roots rock sound of his early years. The thunderous beats of drummer Sam Brown (formerly of the New Bomb Turks) lay a punk backdrop to the disc. While the sauntering strings of "Stone's Throw Away" and "Goodbye Amsterdam" have their appeal, the album's louder moments are its finest features. From the rockabilly blare of opener "Burgundy Red" to the prickly, bluesy title track, Easton is the most fun when he's having a good old throwdown with plenty of whiskey.
(New West)

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