Tijuana Bibles Fists of Fury

Previously only available in Europe, Toronto’s masked men known as the Tijuana Bibles (named after a sleazy Mexican porno comic book) have readied their third album for our consumption. Fists of Fury sees the garage rocking wrestlers pulling out all of the stops with a limited number of copies impressively silk-screened with the artwork that often graces their well known gig posters. Their humorous blend of rockabilly, garage and surf rock matches their wildly entertaining Mexican motif perfectly, with horns blaring and rolling guitar riffs striking at the right moments. Interweaving powerful instrumentals with their vocal tracks, the seven-piece don’t hold back their turbulent creativity, naming songs "Chimpanzee Twist,” "Wheelchair Werewolf” and "Tokyo Topless.” Thumbs up to a band that can back their insane live performances with a record that is even more exciting. (Independent)