Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise

Like a more punk rock version of the Stray Cats, Tiger Army’s psychobilly sound is given a chance to truly shine on this, their third full-length album. Overcoming the shooting of their long-time drummer (who remains with the band, but was unable to play on this record), Tiger Army’s hold on the crown of America’s psychobilly scene remains strong. A blend of punk and swingin’ ’50s rock defines the band’s sound, replete with the class slap of stand-up bass and the cool vocal delivery only heard on oldies stations today. Dark in the hopelessly lost way that the Smiths were, Tiger Army’s songs also retain a classic sound to them, while the edge remains distinct. A fine record birthed from great adversity, Ghost Tigers Rise stands as an excellent introduction into the burgeoning psychobilly movement. (Hellcat)