Thurston Moore "Speak to the Wild" (video)

Thurston Moore 'Speak to the Wild' (video)
Sonic Youth leader and ever-experimental indie rock dude Thurston Moore is set to release his latest solo project tomorrow (October 21), but he's delivered some visuals for "Speak to the Wild" today to help ease the wait.

The clip was directed by Santiago Mostyn and features a youngster making his way through the city and escaping to the forest. Accompanied by his affectionate mother, the kid can't help but break free to go exploring in the woods.

Things take a bit of a dark turn though, with mommy losing track of her child, a mysterious hoodie-wearing, ditch-digging figure, poisonous berries and some super-terrifying cloaked people in the middle of the forest.

Moore's Exclaim!-approved The Best Day hits shelves on October 21 via Matador, but you can check out the creepy new video for "Speak to the Wild" below right now.