Thor's Teeth Sonar 01.08.2010

This record is the result of a collaboration between Vancouver, BC trad metal warrior Thor and Baltimore, MD-based metallic hardcore heroes Pulling Teeth. The limited-edition LP was recorded at the Sonar in Baltimore, and captures a performance where 11 classic Thor tracks were performed by Pulling Teeth, with singer and bodybuilder John Mikl Thor performing vocals. It was recorded by Kevin Bernsten and later mixed at Developing Nations. Thor has existed as a concept/band/musical demi-god in some form or another since 1973, and released his first official album in 1977. It's novel to hear such old school, traditional heavy metal as "Keep the Dogs Away" performed with a contemporary metal and hardcore backbone bashing away. The recording quality is appropriately solid and muscular, doing a great job channelling Thor's classic metal sound. John Mikl Thor's voice is captured in almost painful clarity; he begins the set throaty and powerful, but by the end he sounds gritty and exhausted. The recording also captures all the awkwardness of the live performance, from mic malfunctions and birthday wishes to a moment on the last track, "Warriors of the Universe," where Thor passes the mic to someone who doesn't know the words. The raw honesty of the LP is as flawed as it is endearing. (A389)