Thomas Chapin Trio Night Bird Song

Night Bird Song is a rightful fit in farewell to the late and very great Thomas Chapin, composer, saxophonist, flutist and leader for many years of a trio that was a bright shining star in NYC’s downtown zone. His career was well documented by Knitting Factory Records and it is very exciting to take in this disc and remember how vital an improviser and how fresh a composer Chapin was. Mario Pavone and Mike Sarin are brilliant corners rounding out on bass and drums here, and I have to say that this is my favourite in the Trio’s catalogue. Chapin’s signature flute lyricism and characteristic alto squonk (plus soprano and alarm clock) are the evidence carrying this to the fore of the Trio’s body of work. “Alphaville” is a danceable noir intrigue and stand out with “Tweeter’s Little Adventur” as the funk of the bunch. The title track and “Cliff Island” reveal Sarin, Pavone and Chapin as soft-spoken crafters of beauty, original and not to be beat. If you are new to the Trio’s music this is a monument to step into and enjoy. It’s a good time and it seems that was always the intention Chapin had in his musical life and he always delivered. (Knitting Factory)