Thom Yorke's Face Used in Christian Group's Anti-Satan Ad Campaign

Thom Yorke's Face Used in Christian Group's Anti-Satan Ad Campaign
While Thom Yorke recently noted his surprise at people actually enjoying the music of Radiohead, it's not all love for the group. A Christian group has just used the frontman's famous face in a campaign warning people about the allure of Satan.

A social media post from religious group the New Generation of God has doctored a picture of Yorke into an ad warning people of the "8 things that satan uses to enslave you and destroy you." For some reason, a cartoonish filter has been thrown over the source photo and also adds a few scars to Yorke's visage.
The list of forbidden activities and practices includes pornography, avarice, atheism, idolatry, "disobedience to God's law," drugs and idolatry. Perhaps most befitting for a guy that recently released a fear-and-paranoia-laced song called "Burn the Witch," the warning signs also include witchcraft and tarot.

The extreme group mission statement is apparently to "return the supernatural power of God to the streets," and aims to "radically help and bless all prostitute, alcoholic, transvestite, homosexual, lesbian, and drug addict with the Supernatural Love of Jesus." Their various social media pages target homosexuality as a sin.

It's unclear if the use of Yorke's face is intentional. The original photo had previously been used outside of the scope of Radiohead to promote a marital help book in Iran and to sell medication in Russia.