This Is A Standoff Be Excited

With a lot of punk bands seemingly turning their backs on their roots these days it’s nice to see that it’s possible to grow without changing. This Is A Standoff feature ex-members of Forty Cent Fix and Belvedere, and their new project picks up right where their old groups left off. The similarities between this and Belvedere are obvious: the tight-as-shit rhythm section are still kicking ass, most notably on album closer "Dream Beater”; the youthful anger of any skate punk band worth their salt is still present but is just a little more refined and poignant on Be Excited (check out "Silvio”). And the guitar riffs that made Belvedere so exciting are scattered around this disc like freshly ground pepper at an Italian restaurant. This type of band are what made the punk of the mid- to late ’90s so exciting and it’s nice to know that it’s back. (Independent)