This Cow Looks Exactly Like Gene Simmons

This Cow Looks Exactly Like Gene Simmons
KISS tongueman Gene Simmons has his fair share of doppelgangers out there, though he doesn't always approve of their existence. Just last week, he made sure to point out that he's not The Room director Tommy Wiseau. That said, the latest lookalike taking over the internet has the Simmons stamp of approval. 

Over the weekend, a marketing company posted an image on Facebook of a calf born in Kerrville, TX, on Friday (July 28). As you can see by the above image, the creature bears a striking resemblance to the KISS member.

In fact, the similarities are so real that the cow has been reposted by both Simmons and the official KISS Facebook page. On Twitter, Simmons wrote, "This is real, folks!!!"

The cow, which was fittingly named Genie, belongs to Heather Leonard Taccetta, who works at the Cowboy Steak House. As The Huffington Post reports, however, Genie won't be turned into dinner anytime soon, as they plan to turn the rock'n'roll creature into their official mascot instead. 

On the KISS side of things, this should certainly reopen the case as to whether or not Simmons had a cow tongue grafted onto his own