Think of One Camping Shaabi

Intrepid Belgian world music band Think of One revisit Moroccan roots music on their exuberant new release. Guitarist David Bovee, who leads this 12-piece Antwerp-based ensemble, first explored Arabic folk rock fusion five years ago on Marrakech Emballages 3, one of the band’s many eclectic recordings, featuring collaborations with artists as diverse as Inuit throat singers and Afro-Brazilian drummers. But Shaabi shines brightest the closer its 14 songs get to their African sources. On this disc, they channel the number one street music throughout North Africa, Shaabi, which is known for its speedy instrumental crescendos, call-and-response vocals and sharp polyrhythms. "J'Étais Jetée” has Berber-style Houariyat vocalists Amina Tcherkich and Lalabrouk Loujabe permeating this track with their ebullient ululations. On "Gnawa Power,” Joujouka musician Abdul Kabir out-rocks the electric guitar with his virtuoso Ghimbri playing. Camping Shaabi is excellent contemporary global pop. (Crammed)