Thine Eyes Bleed In The Wake of Separation

Lamb of God hasn’t been famous very long but they’re already spawning the lesser imitation acts trying to ride the wake of their success. Thine Eyes Bleed use some of Soilwork’s slowed and harmonised rock riffs then mash them through every technique in the Euro metal bible that their metalcore brethren has be desecrating for the past few years. There are mounds of tremolo, double bass, and chugging, along with the occasional solo so everyone knows they’ve got something to prove. The vocals are mostly LOG gargles with a couple terrible singing parts, and several minutes of bullshit noise making. It comes down to a complete lack of hooks and pointless chugging, leaving nothing to distinguish them for the other loads of garbage floating around. American artists adaptation of melodic metal is easily the worst trend in music today; another nu-metal to saturate the radio with aggressive drinking tunes. (The End)