Thin Lips Riff Hard

Thin Lips Riff Hard
Thin Lips' debut full-length Riff Hard is 28 minutes of hooky punk that's perfect for the fast approaching summer.
Chrissy Tashjian's emotive vocals sit atop the scrappy punk of Thin Lips wonderfully, and the songs' rough, garage-y feel makes them feel even more accessible, like listening to your best friend's band — they'd sound just as good in a basement as they would on a big stage.
The chorus on "Never Again" is reminiscent of Your Favourite Weapon-era Brand New, while the slow-burning "What's Wrong" and emotional closer "Breaking Up and Breaking Down," on which Tashjian repeats the line "I'm done running," showcase a softer side to Thin Lips. "Yup" is the standout track, with Christopher Diehm and Tashjian's duelling guitars an example of their chemistry and musicianship.
Riff Hard is a great debut, and a nice showcase of just what Thin Lips can do. A full U.S. tour alongside Modern Baseball and Joyce Manor beckons, and the band are sure to win the hearts and minds of many during their months on the road with their honest, catchy punk offerings. (Lame-O Records)