Thievery Corporation

Treasures from the Temple

BY Dylan BarnabePublished Apr 20, 2018

Few artists can claim to ride the wave of worldwide popularity for the better part of two decades. Yet Thievery Corporation, aka Rob Garza and Eric Hilton, have managed to surpass expectations and build an impressive discography all from their own independent label. Across ten studio albums, the band have captivated global audiences with their Brazilian beats and mosaic of musical styles. Treasures From The Temple, a companion piece to 2017's chart-topping Temple of I & I, includes original recordings and remixes from the band's Temple sessions at Geejam Studios in Jamaica.
Featuring Mr. Lif, Sitali, Racquel Jones, Natalia Clavier, LouLou Ghelichkhani and Notch, the album literally offers up a treasure trove of vocalists that ooze sensuality and worldly talent. Case in point, "Voyage Libre" — with its breezy French and melodic airs — embodies the effortless cool that Thievery Corporation has long perfected over the course of their tenure at the top, seamlessly weaving between bossa nova, reggae, lounge, hip-hop, chillout, jazz and more. Never one to shy away from politics, the band also include a dose of social consciousness on "History," which sees Mr. Lif and Sitali describe the black experience in America, and remind listeners how we are all "bonded through common experience."
Ultimately, Treasures from the Temple exudes the same kind of musical richness and diversity of sound that fans and critics alike have come to expect from the duo. It is an impressive addition to their collection, and speaks to the lasting influence and staying power of one of electronica's revered veterans.

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