Thievery Corporation DJ Kicks

Washington, DC duo Thievery Corporation put their distinctive stamp on the ongoing and excellent DJ Kicks mix compilation series. The sounds are rich, the mood enchanting, and the pacing perfect; there truly is not one weak track amongst the 18 featured here. Kicking it off is the slow, atmospheric bossa of Les Baxter's "Tropicando," which moves into the Latin vibes of A Forest Mighty Black and Da Lata, and gives way to a section where sitar reigns supreme. From their own beautiful collaboration with Fun-Da-Mental on "Mother Africa Feeding Sista India/2001" through the smooth sounds of the 13th Sign, DJ Cam, and Up, Bustle and Out, the Thievery Corp. guys are masters at taking listeners on a journey — one that gets seriously funky with the sitar, beats 'n bass jam of the Karminsky Experience's "Exploration." Thievery's own organ-driven romp "Coming From the Top" (think Booker T. meets Toots and the Maytals) is another highlight. Hands down, Thievery Corp have lovingly put together one of the strongest DJ Kicks releases to date — a pure pleasure. (Studio !K7)