There's a New Straight Edge Water Company Called Liquid Death

CEO Mike Cessario says it was inspired by his background in the straight edge punk and hardcore scene
There's a New Straight Edge Water Company Called Liquid Death
The edge has most certainly not gone dull as a new wave of bands are embracing the straight edge lifestyle. Of course, not drinking doesn't actually mean not drinking, which means it's the perfect time to launch a badass straight edge water company.

Mike Cessario — a marketer who previously worked with Netflix on House of CardsStranger Things and Narcos — is doing just that. He's just started a new water company called Liquid Death. Its slogan? "Murder your thirst."

Speaking with Business Insider, Cessario explained that he was inspired by his own punk past, including time spent in punk and hardcore bands. "At first we knew the easiest crowd for us is anyone into heavy metal, punk rock, and that kind of world because they immediately get the joke and get the humor and have never seen anything like it," he said. "What makes this appealing for such a large group is that it feels like a niche thing.

Further making it the preferred bevvy for distinguished coremen and corewomen around the world, the company is dedicated to environmental concerns. It has gone with aluminum cans for environmental reasons (as well as the fact that they look cooler) and plans to donate 5 cents from each can sold to help clean up plastic from the ocean.

"If you think about it, it makes sense, everything metal and punk is extreme," Cessario continued. "Being vegan is extreme, protesting the deforestation is extreme. There are more vegans at a heavy metal show than Taylor Swift show. We are by far the most sustainable option for packaged water, which is a big driver for why people want to buy from us."

Watch an incredibly badass commercial for Liquid Death below. The drink is available now through Amazon and at the beverage's official website.