There Were Wires There Were Wires

The debate over whether There Were Wires is an incredibly stupid or brilliantly obtuse name continues, but the fact is that this Boston, MA, band scratches, scrapes and flails with abandon. Citing Unbroken, Deadguy and You & I, with some merit, There Were Wires parlays a spastic and noisy cacophony of jagged dissonance that also sideswipes Reversal of Man, Rorschach, older Converge, Planesmistakenforstars (post-emo) and the Orchid. Throwing in an odd amount of broken melody to the bedlam, a contrast that works, with slight humour and dark sarcasm peppering the packaging and lyrics (take that, Hives!), the odd thrash moment and breakdowns, There Were Wires' have all the elements and they do coalesce often on these 14 songs (five of which are live). However, TWW would only benefit from stronger production and a bit tighter execution, which would place increased emphasis on their dynamics and bring their musical melee to the forefront. Regardless, a strong offering, even if the name debate remains undecided. (Iodine)