Therapy? One Cure Fits All

Ah, you just can’t keep a great band down. Despite the incomprehensible less than warm reception this Northern Irish trio have received on this side of the Atlantic, they have continued plugging away with releases that are much more warmly embraced in Europe. On album number 11, the 15-year-old band show no signs of slowing with a fitting follow up to their incendiary heavy-as-fuck 2003 release Never Apologize, Never Explain. This album, like the last three, really, really defies categorisation. They are fast and heavy and hard, but it’s not exactly metal or punk in the classic sense. Therapy? just play loud rock music that’s filled with piss and vinegar and a sense of humour as well. Pity no one in North America gets it because it means they rarely play live here anymore and as anyone who’s ever seen them live knows, shows don’t get much heavier. (Spitfire)