Theology 3 "Thoughts of a Child" / "ANY1"

Theology 3 'Thoughts of a Child' / 'ANY1'
Toronto rapper Theology 3 dropped his Payin' Hommage EP a couple months ago, but he's already back with a new pair of tracks.
"Thoughts of a Child" is a bouncy, drum-heavy reflection on childhood innocence amidst North America's media-obsessed, xenophobic culture.
In a statement about the track, which was produced by DJ Fase, Theology 3 said:
My childhood was good. I wasn't wealthy, but I had a lot of friends, a lot of mentors. You know…sports, video games, watching WWF. Growing up in a big city like Toronto you have a million experiences to think back on and reflect about. But this song isn't about anyone's particular childhood, it's about the essence of innocence, gaining knowledge, being unbiased by the eventual let downs and successes of life that will come later. It's about being thankful for having an open mind, and whatever good or bad things you dealt with in your childhood…this song is about understanding the World from a child's perspective. Whether it's a time you wish to remember or forget, you once had the "Thoughts of a Child" and that's what I'm saying here. Right when I heard DJ Fase's sample of children playing in the beginning, I went in that zone. Close your eyes or nod your head or do both, take it in. Thanks for listening.
In addition to "Thoughts of a Child," the T.O.-based rapper has also shared the Phat Tony-produced "ANY1," which features a mesmerizing piano-based beat and Theology 3's fired-up vocal performance. Give both tracks a listen below.