Thea Gilmore Rules For Jokers

21-year-olds aren't supposed to make music this good. Prolific and wise way beyond her years, this Irish-sired, Oxford-bred lass's third release should start waking this side of the world up to her enchanting poetics and chameleon arrangements. Rules For Jokers is impressive, charging out of the gates like a thoroughbred with "Fever Beats" and not breaking pace until the final chord. Gilmore adds the right amount of popish goodness sprinkled diligently atop no-nonsense new folk. Hints of Irishman Andy White come through on "Saviors and All" and Eleni Mandell's verve is incited to provide such stellar tracks as the campy, baritone, guitar-driven shuffle "This Girl is Taking Bets." I'd take bets that Thea Gilmore is going places. In a word, it's brilliant, no hyperbole. Honest. (Compass)