​The Strokes Reportedly Finished Recording New Album

​The Strokes Reportedly Finished Recording New Album
The Strokes seem to be hinting that a new album is not only in the works, but it's already recorded and in the mixing process.
Guitarist Nick Valensi appeared on New York radio station Q 104.3 recently and was asked about rumours that a new album from the band have been completed and is in the mixing stage.
"You heard that?" he replied. "Well, it must be true."
He was further prodded about when or if the album might be arriving, to which Valensi said, "When? I don't know. If? I would say, it's a strong likelihood."
The Strokes' last full-length album was 2013's Comedown Machine. They released an EP titled Future Present Past in 2016.
Earlier this year, the band performed a new song called "The Adults Are Talking" during a live show.
Stay tuned for any further updates on a potential new Strokes album.
Watch a clip of the Valensi interview below.