The Sisters of Mercy Might Release a New Album Thanks to Trump

BY Josiah HughesPublished Nov 9, 2016

Much of the world is in a state of doom and gloom thanks to America's decision to elect Donald Trump president, so it only makes sense that we'd see a swift resurgence in goth rock. In fact, the Donald's looming presidency might just result in a new album from the Sisters of Mercy.

The Leeds rock band have remained active for decades, but haven't issued a new album since 1990's Vision Thing. According to frontman Andrew Eldritch, however, that could change.

As Brooklyn Vegan points out, Eldritch told Team Rock earlier this year that a Trump presidency would likely bring him out of recording retirement.

"What is happening in America is an ever more bizarre circus, and the population doesn't seem to realize just how much it's being taken for a ride," he said. "I can tell you one thing: If Donald Trump actually does become president, that will be reason enough for me to release another album. I don't think I could keep quiet if that happened."

Here's hoping Eldritch follows through on this, as it'd be something of a silver lining on a very bad news day.

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