The Rocket Summer Sweet Shivers

The Rocket Summer Sweet Shivers
The Rocket Summer is singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Bryce Avary, whose latest album, Sweet Shivers, is a 13-track indie pop effort that feels oddly paced.
The album starts off with "Morning Light," a driving guitar- and drum-heavy song that leads smoothly into the piano intro of "Shatter Us." Musically, "Shatter Us" is the best song on the album, the bouncy piano and guitar hook blending seamlessly with the vocals, while "5 4 3 2 1 Z" has a similarly paced piano hook.
"Be like the world's greatest / Bloom where you're planted in," on "World's Greatest," is the catchiest and most infectious chorus on the entire album.
The slow songs on this album sound dreamy, but also long-winded. They feel like unnecessary filler tracks intended to lengthen the listening experience. (Independent)