The Regrettes

How Do You Love?

BY Corey van den HoogenbandPublished Jul 31, 2019

The Regrettes have never had trouble sounding twice their age, in terms of lyric writing and musical chops. This fact is more true than ever on their second LP, as the  L.A. band of teens outdo themselves in every way on How Do You Love?
At the top of the record are the incredible "California Friends" and "I Dare You," an absolute power couple of pop punk. The former is peak Regrettes, while the latter feels something like a hidden B-side from the first Strokes album. This influence wasn't present on their first album, Feel Your Feelings Fool!, but the band manage to clone it, refresh it and own it masterfully.
If the first album's thesis was something like "riot grrrl meets doo-wop," album two is closer to "riot grrrl meets X" that '60s sound that Lydia Night's voice so perfectly suits still appears from time to time on tracks like "Pumpkin," but it doesn't define the album this time.
Night and company have clearly seen more of the world since 2017, and the lyrics show it. These heartfelt and personable lyrics are ultimately what end up tying the release together.
Overall, the songs on record two are smarter, punchier and catchier than the ones the first time around. How Do You Love? is summer pop punk at its finest, music that can no doubt soundtrack the rest of your summer. If there's any knock I could give the album it's only that it didn't come into my life sooner.

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