The Pack A.D.

"So What" (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Apr 13, 2016

Having been released at the beginning of March, the Pack A.D.'s "So What" single should be familiar to fans of the band by now. A new music video for the crunchy pop-rock cut, however, delivers something quite alien.

Directed by Matt Leaf, the clip first finds vocalist/guitarist Becky Black hopping into her car to go for a spin, but a flash of light beams her into an alien craft. As she struggles and sings her way through her captivity, a series of hands caress her face an inject her with a black dye.

"The video we made for 'So What' is an homage to so many influential horror and sci-fi films, and is extremely personal to me," Leaf said in a statement. "I got to season the video with little love notes from all my favorite sci-fi films! They allowed me the opportunity to make the video of my dreams, and goddamn if this isn't it."

As previously reported, the Pack A.D. are due to release a new album sometime soon through Cadence Music Group. They also have a spring tour on the horizon, and you can see the date details over here.

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