The Pack A.D.

Positive Thinking

BY Joseph MathieuPublished Aug 10, 2016

The Pack A.D.'s sixth LP, Positive Thinking, will keep heads bobbing and bodies slamming despite both Maya Miller and Becky Black describing it as a much more personal album. Even when featuring some of their darker stories of psychoses, drastic measures, and dystopia, the tracks are just as danceable as their last LP or 2015 EP Meta Animal.
Blasts of powerful guitar and rhythm that sounds like two, sometimes three percussionists carry along their tradition of satisfying grunge here, but the songs feel more cathartic than celebratory, the crashing cymbals and flurry of toms reflecting the honest, raucous lyrics. Both singles "So What" and "Fair Enough" indicated how fast-paced and explosive this new album would be, and the other ten tracks don't disappoint. It's a chronicle of distortion and paranoia, from the angry "Yes I Know" to the riotous "Los Angeles." The closing "Fair Enough" sighs violently and calls for the next step.
In face of adversity and/or uncertainty, the best choice is to fight on. Why not do it with a contagious rock riff and Black's versatile voice?
(Cadence Music Group)

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