The Nude Party's 'Midnight Manor' Is a Chooglin' Good Time

BY Sarah MorrisonPublished Oct 1, 2020

Please pardon me Lord, but I do believe that dance with the devil has made me weak and I'm certainly considering sin.

Midnight Manor, the second studio album from the Nude Party, is the product of undeniable artistic development. Living in such beautiful chaos while experiencing real-time turmoil has shaped the band's dynamic and expression, which is laid out on full display.

The album opens up with a fast-paced, rockin' anthem "Lonely Heather" — a track that evokes the band's energetic live performances, leaving you reminiscing for the days of boozy live shows and that late-night dance fever.

With nostalgia being in the forefront, "What's Your Deal?" embraces elements from the band's psych-infused 2016 EP, Hot Tub, but is playful enough to blend with the Nude Party's country sound. Meanwhile, "Easier Said Than Done" and "Time Goes On" stretch the furthest from home. With both songs speaking to internal growth, it's almost as if each were carefully curated to show you the band's inner workings.

Ending off the record on a softer, feel-good note, "Nashville Record Co." is the perfect conclusion to an album filled with such tremendous illumination. From Magee's Tiny Tim high note to the addition of the kazoo, the record ends on a lustful note.

Midnight Manor is a chooglin' good time. The album holds true to that classic Nude Party sound; there's a direct sense of growth in its tone, without losing that flavor of personality that makes the Nude Party the characters that they are.
(New West)

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