Guess Who Founder Chad Allan Suffers Stroke

Guess Who Founder Chad Allan Suffers Stroke
Chad Allan, the founding member of the Guess Who, is recovering in a British Columbia hospital after suffering a stroke last week.
"It's pretty serious but he is responding," his publicist Jamie Anstey told CBC.
He was taken to hospital on Wednesday night (August 23), with his wife Christine Allan at his side.
"We're really praying for him, we're really rooting for him to make it through this. It's very difficult for his wife and family to deal," his publicist added, saying they are hopeful he will make a full recovery.
The 74-year-old Winnipeg-born musician kickstarted the iconic Canadian band, initially forming Allan and the Silvertones in 1958; Randy Bachman, Bob Ashley, Kim Kale and Garry Peterson eventually joined the band, changing their name to Chad Allan and the Reflections in 1962.
They later settled on Chad Allan and the Expressions, but after trying to build mystery around single "Shakin' All Over" by simply crediting "Guess Who?" disc jockeys took the marketing ploy at face value and the name stuck.
In recent years, Allan has had difficulty singing due to vocal cord damage, but has continued to pursue art through drawing, painting and playing instruments at senior care facilities.
Allan received the Order of Manitoba in 2015.