The Guess Who Announce New Album 'Plein D'Amour,' Share "The King"

It's their first album since 2018's 'The Future IS What It Used to Be'

Photo: Square Shooting Photography

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Feb 10, 2023

Guess what? Veteran torchbearers for pure Canadian Shield rock that gets mistaken for being from the US thanks to that one hit from 1970, the Guess Who, have announced a new studio album — previewed today by lead single "The King."

Plein D'Amour is still lacking an official release date, but it presumably won't stay away from us for much longer via Deko Entertainment. It follows the band's most recent LP, 2018's The Future IS What It Used to Be, which marked their 11th full-length.

The album was recorded at Villa Sound in Singhampton, ON, with Adam Fair. In addition to "The King," founding member Garry Peterson and Michael Staertow, Leonard Shaw and Michael Devin have crafted seven new songs that continue to elevate the Guess Who's illustrious legacy.

"We couldn't think of a better time to introduce the world to an exceptional collection of songs that exude positivity and cohesive energy, a much needed cultural antidote," Staertow said in a statement. "Now we ARE love — Plein D'Amour!"

Peterson added, "After recording this album, and living with it for a while, I believe this is the best album that I have played on."

If the epic-scale rock opera proportions of its Jellyfish-esque lead single are any indication, we're in for something very full indeed.

Watch the video for "The King" below and stay tuned for further details.


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