The Go! Team "All the Way Live"

The Go! Team 'All the Way Live'
After announcing their fifth LP late last year, the Go! Team have returned with another taste of what's to come from Semicircle.

Titled "All the Way Live," the track followed previously heard album cuts "Semicircle Song" and "Mayday." Bandleader Ian Parton explained the track's genesis in a statement:

all the way live is just an all out brass attack set to some pretty cheeky rapping. lots of the voices are sampled from a record made as a kinda after school hip hop project by students of carver senior high, chicago in 1983. it wasn't really the fact it was old skool that attracted me but the personality and cheekiness that was jumping off the vinyl. it's always about personality over perfection for me.

Semicircle arrives January 19 through Memphis Industries.