The Field Returns with 'Infinite Moment'

The Field Returns with 'Infinite Moment'
Just over two years on from releasing The Follower, producer Axel Willner has lifted the curtain on a follow-up effort as the Field.

Titled Infinite Moment, Willner's sixth LP under the moniker will arrive September 21 through Kompakt. Fittingly enough, the album runs six tracks in length, with the songs said to find Willner "substituting the uptempo vim of his previous pieces for a sense of mind-expanding horizontality."

Willner notes in a press release that in order to find said mind-expanding horizontality, "the threshold of creating something new had to be broken." He added that "stepping outside of the studio opened up fresh perspectives on the creation of new music."

"Hope is something I've been missing in the nowadays climate," Willner continued, "and this album is a relief to me, a type of comfort, like a moment that feels good and you don't want to end."

You can see the newly revealed artwork above, while the album tracklist is below. Infinite Moment will arrive digitally, on CD and as a double-LP vinyl set.

Global tour dates are promised to be announced soon.

Infinite Moment:

1. Made of Steel. Made of Stone
2. Divide Now
3. Hear Your Voice
4. Something Left, Something Right, Something Wrong
5. Who Goes There
6. Infinite Moment