The Fever 333 Strength In Numb333rs

The Fever 333 Strength In Numb333rs
The Fever 333 have gone from playing pop-up shows in donut store parking lots to being Grammy-nominated superstars in the span of 18 months. It's not difficult to see why. Between the current state of society and the millennial generation's neverending lust for nostalgia, it wasn't going to be long before someone redressed Rage Against the Machine in a Hot Topic hoodie.
And that's what the Fever 333 have done: harnessed a political rap-rock message and made it more palatable for the masses. It's new, shiny, ear-destroyingly catchy and it sounds like Zach de la Rocha crashing the stage at a Warped Tour date. Snapchat my yeets and chill, this is what the kids will be listening to.
When Fever 333 try to be like Rage on "Burn It" and "One of Us," they excel at it. When they try to be Linkin Park, as they do in virtually every chorus ("Prey For Me" in particular), they're even better. Fans of Bring Me the Horizon, Beartooth and even Pierce the Veil will be ecstatic. The electronic sections are some of the juiciest you'll hear in mainstream metal, and the band's energy practically throws off sparks.
Unfortunately, the mix is off. On "Inglewood," a This Is America-style flow about police brutality is interrupted by the cheesiest teen-love ballad this side of Ed Sheeran. What could have been a protest march soundtrack turns quickly into a cringy reminder of a Facebook status made in middle school. One moment you'll feel ready to tear down barriers and block roadways, next you'll be thinking about your old MySpace page. It's jarring, especially from a band that's so outwardly political.
Fever 333 have cast their net out too far on Strength In Numb333rs. By trying to tap into the worldwide political unrest and deliver it to the kids, they've almost ended up being a parody of themselves. But all is not lost. They've captured our attention and are in a great position to go further. Whichever path they choose now, either as arbiters of the resistance or a band that helps you through your first breakup, they'll dominate at it. Keep an eye on Fever 333. They're going to be big. (Roadrunner)