The Dirty Nil Unload New Song "Astro Ever After"

"Please friends, crank and enjoy"
The Dirty Nil Unload New Song 'Astro Ever After'
The Dirty Nil released their Master Volume back in 2018, but the Hamilton rock unit are revisiting those sessions with the newly shared song "Astro Ever After."

As the band explain, "Astro Ever After" was a favourite from those recording sessions, but they held onto it because "it deserves its own moment to fucking shine." But whatever you do, don't write off the track as a simple outtake.

In the words of the Dirty Nil:

"Astro Ever After" is by no means an out-take from Master Volume. It's an accompanying track that we chose to release after the bulk of the material simply because we can. Out of all the songs we recorded during the Master Volume sessions, this is certainly one of our favourites. For anyone with a space lust, and for those who appreciate the beauty and brevity of life, the majesty of the sky, and the sludge of stoner metal: this one's for you. Please friends, crank and enjoy.

Down below, you can crank and enjoy "Astro Ever After."