The Dead South's 8 Favourite Places in Regina

Photo: Brandon White

BY The Dead SouthPublished Nov 19, 2018

The Dead South are a Regina-based band who explore folk, bluegrass and country music in live shows that are as compelling as their recordings; their most recent album was 2016's Illusion and Doubt. Sometimes described as "Mumford and Sons' evil twins," by the tour of their hometown they provided, they seem like nice folks. Location photos by Peter Scoular.

Sawchyn Guitars (2132 Dewdney Ave.)
Whether you want to find that vintage 1958 Gibson, a brand new Martin D-28 1934 replica, a saucy mandolin or any quality acoustic instrument, this is the place to go. I would recommend the handmade Sawchyn instruments that are sure to kick the shit out of most instruments you come across. I have yet to find a music shop that delivers more consistent quality in service or products.
Nathaniel Hilts

The Fat Badger (1852 Scarth St.)
Food that does not disappoint due to a badass chef; staff that make you feel at home due to awesome service; and a Tuesday night honky-tonk treat with a Regina hidden gem, the Alley Dawgs. This is a place you will leave well-fed and watered, and you will always find yourself in good company.
Nathaniel Hilts

Sweepscience Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (550 10 Ave.)
This school has been around for just over two years but, in that time, has established itself as one of the best gyms in Western Canada. Coaches John and Karlin dedicate their lives to their students and welcome anyone regardless of age, gender or fitness level. The laidback, playful atmosphere and camaraderie has made this place my home away from home.
Colton Crawford

Shanghai Lily (2416 14 Ave.)
I'm no Chinese dumpling expert, but this place provides the most authentic dim sum experience Regina has to offer. The owners will welcome you and provide authentic Chinese cuisine that will have you planning your next visit before you even pay the cheque.
Colton Crawford

Holy Rosary Cathedral (2104 Garnet St.)
Shooting up from the city with grandeur that you would expect from a church in France, the Holy Rosary Cathedral is one of the most recognizable buildings in the city, and home to a big-ass organ. The ambience created by sounds bouncing off the domed roof and tall walls is majestic as fuck. Worth a visit.
Danny Kenyon

Regina Climbing Centre (606B Solomon Cres.)
This brand new rock climbing facility has 26-foot sport climbing walls, a bouldering area, training room and a space for birthday parties. Whether you're new to rock climbing or a master of the stone, RCC offers an excellent mental and physical challenge. You'll enjoy unique movement on a wide variety of wall angles and holds while pushing your vertical limits!
Scott Pringle

Golden Mile Bowling (3806 Albert St.)
The place to go for five-pin in Regina. With huge HD screens, phantom "glow in the dark" bowling, disco ball and a wide array of music videos blasting, you'll be throwing strikes and downing pitchers all night. The staff are always friendly, popcorn always salty, and they offer two hours of bowling on Sunday nights for only 11 bucks. 
Scott Pringle

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