The Dead South's Danny Kenyon Leaves Band Following Sexual Misconduct Claims

The band "is opposed to, and does not condone, harmful behaviour of any kind"

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BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Aug 19, 2020

Dead South vocalist/cellist Danny Kenyon has left the Saskatchewan group after being accused of sexual misconduct by three women.

On July 31, Instagram page @victimsvoicesregina shared an anonymous account of the artist's questionable behaviour following multiple refusals for sex the morning after a date.

This week, the page published the claims of two more women, who both accuse Kenyon of sexual coercion while at parties in their high school years. The third woman wrote that "2 of my best friends at the time had similar encounters."

The Dead South and their label home, Six Shooter Records, responded to the allegations in respective statements made today. You can find the band's statement here, and the label's statement here. Previously, Kenyon and the label had acknowledged the claims in the comments of the initial post.

"We have seen posts citing sexual misconduct by Danny," the Dead South wrote in confirming Kenyon's departure. "The Dead South, as a band, as a company, as individuals, and community members, is opposed to, and does not condone, harmful behaviour of any kind."

The band's statement concludes: "It is important we continue to be teachable, to be accountable, and to be mindful as men and community members. Taking lessons from this is our immediate priority. We hope that our action will help in some way to spark healing, and we are hopeful our community will be open to this as a path forward."

In their statement, Six Shooter outlined the label's code of conduct while noting that "individualized artist codes of conduct are in various stages of development."

"We believe victims and survivors of sexual assault and are committed to centering their wellbeing," the label writes. "As a company, we strive to engage in consent-based interactions, to respect personal boundaries, and to provide an environment free from harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence for our community."

Six Shooter added that it is "also engaged in an ongoing discussion about the Dead South's song 'Banjo Odyssey' and our responsibility as a record label with respect to both artistic expression and social responsibility." On Instagram, listeners raised concern with song's lyrics depicting domestic violence.

Posts concerning the allegations can be found below. Please note that the accounts contain disturbing details and arrive with a content and trigger warning.

The Dead South released Sugar & Joy last year, which earned them the 2020 Juno Award for Traditional Roots Album of the Year.

Posts are being removed, but survivors won't be silenced.

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Danny Kenyon

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Danny Kenyon

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