​The Avulsions

M for Montreal, Montreal QC, November 16

Photo: Nadia Davoli

BY Matt BobkinPublished Nov 17, 2017

Saskatoon quartet the Avulsions kicked off last night's (November 16) M for Montreal showcase at Café Cleopatra with a set of hazy, dilapidated post-punk. Despite the deluge of guitars, however, it was the band's drummer who sonically led the charge — his cymbal-driven attack guided most of the songs, providing ominous tension during the build-up and sweet catharsis during the release.
This drove the set's best moments, such as the track "Mars" from their recent split seven-inch with Halifax rockers Mauno. Live, the song eschews the studio version's space-rock for a more visceral approach. Their occasional forays into complex time signatures made for plenty of compelling elements to the performance, even if, just as often, their sound collapsed into a messy din of guitars and hazy vocals, with little more than the drums to carry focus.

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