That Handsome Devil That Handsome Devil

That Handsome Devil is fronted by a guy named Godforbid. Godforbid knew what he was doing when he called in the trumpets, violins, and laid down the samples. The band infuses jazz rhythms and blues humour with a chunky rock momentum. While the combination sounds familiar, if not played out, That Handsome Devil isn’t selling used or damaged goods. The sound, while not flagrantly pushing any boundaries, is far more daring than the more radio friendly multi-instrumental fare, enough so that it avoids being predictable. Godforbid’s rhymes, while not exactly hip-hop, offer up a good talking to that keeps you on your toes. He knows how to sing too — sort of. His voice bears down heavy, but in a strangely soothing way. It’s not something you’re going to fall asleep to; it can also be jarring, sounding a little like the Wright brothers of Nomeansno. Godforbid earned and busted his chops over the last decade working with hip-hop’s Thirstin Howl III under the alias Alaskan Fisherman. He’s got it in him to do different things. As a kid he watched his step dad tear it up on the road and in the country bars and now Godforbid has a band of his own and this is their first album. Listen to That Handsome Devil. (Stardust)