Tha Alkaholiks Firewater

While everyone knows that rappers only retire until they run out of money or props, let’s hope tha Alkaholiks know that it’s finally time for them to pay their tab and catch a cab. This whole project smells strongly of last-ditch-money-grab and the songs show it. While the album’s first, and probably only single, "The Flute Song (la la la)” is decent, it’s undoubtedly "Do It” and "On the Floor” that will be the only cuts to really get your cups up. Even help from the mighty Danger Mouse, who produced "Chaos,” ends up limp-dicked. While a shitty album from a group of over-the-hill booze hounds naturally inspires unoriginal allegories to alcohol, there’s no doubt that the Liks have moved from the life-of-the-party, fun-loving lyricists to slightly sad 12-step apologists. Alkies, though, never know when enough is enough. (Waxploitation)