Terry Allen Lubbock (on everything)

Terry Allen Lubbock (on everything)
"I don't wear no Stetson / But I'm willin' to bet, son / That I'm as big a Texan as you are" howls outlaw country singer Terry Allen on the opening track of his magnum opus, Lubbock (on everything). The second release from his catalogue to be reissued in 2016, Lubbock initially hit shelves in 1979. It's also seeing its first reissue in 20 years.
While this album is something of a timeless classic, a precursor to alternative country that still manages to stand the test of time today, it's often an overlooked, and has gained cult notoriety as a result. The hidden gem double LP showcases Allen as a talented pianist, and sheds light on him as a visionary writer and highly skilled tale-telling balladeer. Lubbock (on everything) pays homage to the citizens, the stories and mostly the setting where it all took place: the Northwestern city of Lubbock, Texas.
The 20-track sonic odyssey gives listeners a glimpse of what Terry Allen saw through his eyes, taking them on an idyllic journey through his first-person narrative. Allen's jocund, upbeat delivery imbues his stories of outlaw life with irresistible country charm, and yet, his musical abilities are not limited simply to the country genre: elements of folk, Tejano and honkey-tonk effortlessly make their way into the album, but even the more niche sounds here, such as traditional French music and brass band-inspired waltzes, manage to sound natural.
Lubbock (on everything) is catchy yet complex, a timeless and colourful genre exercise that shouldn't spend another moment unnoticed. (Paradise of Bachelors)