Terrorizer Caustic Attack

Terrorizer Caustic Attack
In a world where the term "legendary" is more disposable than paper towels, it's nice to hear from a band that live up to it. Terrorizer formed back in 1986, before splitting into two of the most iconic extreme metal acts of all time: Morbid Angel and Napalm Death. The original project may have faded as Altars of Madness and Harmony Corruption blasted onto the scene, but 1989's World Downfall retains its filthy, savage edge.
Now nine years into their third reunion, Caustic Attack finds Terrorizer treading on familiar ground. Pete Sandoval is now the only original member, and his bullet-fast drumming dominates the album's bulk. This is grindcore of the oldest order, from before ProTools and Bandcamp leeched the genre of some of its intensity. Every grind fan who has ever donned a leather jacket should be able to headbang along to "Crisis" and "Trench of Corruption."
If there's one criticism, it's that things get a bit same-y in the album's middle stretch — 45 minutes of Terrorizer can be a daunting listen. The exception is "Wasteland," an almost five-minute closer that has one of the heaviest riffs Terrorizer have ever produced.
Even so, for anyone longing for the glory days of grind (and for whom the new Pig Destroyer album did not cut it) this could be your new favourite. A fitting entry into the catalogue of one of metal's most influential bands. (The End)