Terror Squad Presents: DJ Khaled We The Best

DJ Khaled credits Allah as executive producer and even wears Allah’s name on a diamond pendant. Obviously something divine must have been at work for Khaled to get the biggest sellers in hip-hop on one album: T.I., Akon, Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross, Paul Wall, Fat Joe and a trillion more. Where his god didn’t place his celestial hand is on the songs. Basically We The Best is an original club album with all the predictable formulas. Of course it’s going to be a banger — every track is tailored to bang in your ride. But every track wears the same suit: the same synthesised beat with bombarding drums, pimps rhyming on double-timed bars, a hook sung by Akon (or someone who sounds just like him) and Khaled’s nasally adlibs. Give it a title like "I’m so Hood,” "We Takin’ Over” or "‘S’ On My Chest” and you’ve got We The Best. (Koch)