Terra Lightfoot "No Hurry" (lyric video)

Terra Lightfoot 'No Hurry' (lyric video)
Canadian roots-rock artist Terra Lightfoot has apparently had a hell of a good time supporting her 2015 album, Every Time My Mind Runs Wild. A new video for the record's "No Hurry" helps prove this with a series of wide-smilin' on-the-road vignettes.

The cut is being presented in a lyric video, which adds insight to Lightfoot's lines about wandering minds and thoughts of love. As the series of orange and white words scroll across the screen, we're treated to visuals of the singer-songwriter stomping it out onstage with a Telecaster and laying down some tracks in the studio.

Beyond the usual biz, we also see her whip through a hotel waterslide, sip coffee with her gang, and take in the idyllic sights of the open road. As you can see up above, though, one particularly methane-fuelled cow pasture seems to have flipped the intention of Lightfoot's original words.

"No Hurry," but you can peep the video down below.