Tenille Townes Takes a Pop-Friendly Approach to Country on 'The Lemonade Stand'

Tenille Townes Takes a Pop-Friendly Approach to Country on 'The Lemonade Stand'
The Lemonade Stand, the debut album from Grande Prairie-born/Nashville-based country songwriter Tenille Townes, is a well-produced record full of quality songwriting and an youthful pop-country vibe. Townes pushes out several catchy — albeit predictable — tracks on this outing, which flows well from start to finish.

Kicking off with "Holding Out for the One," Tenille's backing musicians are supportive and polished. The chorus is memorable, as are most on The Lemonade Stand. Standout tracks include the heartfelt "Jersey on the Wall (I'm Just Asking)," which sees Tenille questioning God. It's gut-wrenching in the light of the tragic Humboldt bus crash.

"White Horse", with it's handclaps and catchy beat, will have listeners heads bobbing, while the bluesy 6/8 time feel of "I Kept the Roses" shows the depth of Townes's vocal talents. Tenille's voice is best suited to a more bluesy or folksy environment, so it's welcome to hear her take these kinds of risks.

At the end of the day, Townes's The Lemonade Stand begs the popular question as to whether or not something can be considered "country" if it emanates from Nashville and has twangy vocals overtop of an otherwise pop-inspired backing track. One thing is for certain, though: whatever this record "is" in terms of its overall sound, it will appeal to a broad audience with its series of radio-friendly medium-tempo stompers and tender ballads. A solid debut effort overall for Townes. (Columbia Nashville)