Ten Volt Shock


BY Liz WorthPublished May 23, 2007

6null3 is an immediate assault on the senses. Opening track "Parts & Sections” is an opaque wall of sound that flattens the atmosphere and lays the groundwork for what’s to come, as follow-up track "On the List” launches into spasmodic sensations of wiry commotion. This is Freiburg, Germany’s Ten Volt Shock’s second full-length album and the urgency and force that spills from this band are what make them compulsively likeable. "Transparent Textures” is a stop-start tumble of energy that spews and sputters dissonance at every possible angle. While the guitars secrete a solid plan of attack that builds up a phalange of sound, the bass unleashes a grubby pillaging that takes over the focal point. "Some Days in Paris” is another uncompromising flurry of activity that rips layers off its own skin to slop out what’s underneath. What’s interesting is that although this album is only a half-hour long, there are so many intricacies to each song that they give so much more. While the noise quotient is high, there are so many shrill intricacies that can be discovered and picked apart that there’s always a new angle. Full of pushes and pulls, 6null3 is an album that will unapologetically attack and tug on the intellect as much as on the eardrums.
(Bakery Outlet)

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