Tellusian Scania

After the expiration of technical hardcore band Crowpath, Tellusian now rise to prominence in the Malmö, Sweden metal scene. Though some applauded Crowpath's efforts to integrate their Dillinger Escape Plan-esque sound into Sweden's predominant melodic death metal, Tellusian should find their path less traveled, thanks to their Botch influences. Crowpath mates Erik Hall (drums) and Henrik Ivarsson (vocals) joined forces with guitarist/producer John Nilsson and bassist Robert Fuchs to record Scania, their two-song debut seven-inch. "Eight Years of Rest" sports the varied tempos and chord changes that made Botch's We Are the Romans an absolute classic, with dashes of the Fucking Champs' epicness. "Carnevále" is more brooding in sections, again with colourful progressions and an under-layer of Kiss It Goodbye's restive chaos. Recorded and mixed by Nilsson, Scania serves as a tasty appetizer to their upcoming full-length next year. (Handshake Inc.)