Television Personalities Return with A Memory Is Better Than Nothing

Television Personalities Return with <i>A Memory Is Better Than Nothing</i>
More than three decades into his career, Television Personalities' Dan Treacy won't let mental illness, drug addiction, a criminal record or myriad other problems prevent him from putting out new music. Following 2006's My Dark Places and 2007's rough-around-the-edges Are We Nearly There Yet?, Treacy has emerged with another batch of songs from his influential indie pop project.

Titled A Memory Is Better Than Nothing, the new Television Personalities album contains 13 tracks, a few of which previously appeared on the band's recent string of seven-inches. With titles like "People Think That We're Strange," "If You Don't Want Me," "Come Back to Bed," "The Good Anarchist" and "You Freed My Spirit," the album is intriguing to say the least.

A Memory Is Better Than Nothing is due for release on June 1 via British indie label Rocket Girl. Little else is known about the project, but album track "Funny He Never Married" can be heard here. And by the sounds of things, Television Personalities might be returning to the fragile pop their 1984 opus, The Painted Word, which is definitely a good thing in our books.

A Memory is Better Than Nothing:

1. "A Memory Is Better Than Nothing"

2. "The Girl in the Hand Me Down Clothes"

3. "She's My Yoko"

4. "Walk Towards the Light"

5. "Funny He Never Married"

6. "Except for Jennifer"

7. "People Think That We're Strange"

8. "My New Tattoo"

9. "If You Don't Want Me"

10. "Come Back to Bed"

11. "The Good Anarchist"

12. "All the Things You Are"

13. "You Freed My Spirit"