Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine Rampton

Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine may be the all-time ultimate doom metal super-group. The four members of the band have resumes that can make ears ring without even hearing the music. With Justin from Iron Monkey on drums, Greg from SUNN O)))/Goatsnake on guitar, along with Stephen from Khanate/SUNN O)))/Burning Witch and Cathedral's Lee Dorrian on vocals, this is one heavy fucking band. They don't disappoint either. On their debut release, Rampton, a three-track CD that is nearly an hour long, loud, overdriven guitars hum overtop the slow pounding, prodding beat while Dorrian beats his voice up. Track two, the somewhat upliftingly-titled "New Pants & Shirt," is one of the slowest dirge-filled doom tracks since Cathedral's legendary demo. This is probably too extreme for most, so approach with caution, and earplugs. (Southern Lord)